Dogs 'have become a disposable item'

Wednesday, 15th August 2012

Dogs have become a "disposable item" because of the ever increasing number of rescue centres.

That is according to Steven Havers, dog behaviour and training expert at, who said that people should only get a dog if they are prepared to care for the animal throughout its life.

He said: "These centres make it too easy to dispose of a dog, for increasingly ridiculous reasons.

"If the owner is not prepared for the whole life responsibility, they should not have a dog ... Sadly for the dog, many owners do not believe they have to take responsibility for their dog."

Mr Havers added that owners need to be prepared to make sure their dog's behaviour is safe and controlled, and accept responsibility for their pet's actions.

He said ensuring dogs are under control is becoming a greater requirement by law and any change in legislation to improve responsibility would be welcome.

At present, a number of animal welfare charities are campaigning to have the Dangerous Dogs Act changed so the responsibility is placed on owners, rather than banning certain breeds.