Dogs exercise 'enthusiastically', vet says

Tuesday, 7th June 2011

An owner has revealed concerns about the fact that her pooch seems to spend a great deal of time sleeping.

Writing into vet Pete Wedderburn at the Daily Telegraph, the owner explained that other than eating dog food and going for walks, her four-legged friend spends all its time sleeping.

They asked if this behaviour would lead to more serious health problems.

In response, Dr Wedderburn said that dogs tend to be somewhat more "enthusiastic" than humans when it comes to exercise.

He wrote: "Think about how much running around your dog does when she’s off the leash.

"If we humans tried to keep up with that pace, we'd last no more than a few minutes. When dogs stop, they like to rest with equal enthusiasm, flopping down onto their bed and snoozing for hours on end."

However, Dr Wedderburn added that dogs can become obese from eating too much dog food and not going for walks often enough.

A spokeswoman from the Kennel Club recently said that people should make sure they have a lifestyle that suits dog ownership before getting a pooch.