Dogs acting as wedding witnesses in Japan

Wednesday, 11th May 2011

Pooches in Japan may be in for some pretty special dog food as there is a growing trend for them to be used as witnesses at weddings.

The Yokohama Kokusai Hotel near Tokyo is offering couples the opportunity to have their dogs act as witnesses to their big day, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A spokesperson for the hotel told the news provider: "The dog recognises the marriage by sealing documents with its paws.

"We launched the service because we strongly feel that pets are a very important part of the family in Japan. We love dogs and understand that having a dog is very popular for many young Japanese women."

Prior to the ceremony, the dogs can indulge in some pampering, with washes and shampoos on offer.

This follows news that a woman in Essex spent £20,000 on a wedding for her Yorkshire Terrier Lola.

Louise Harris spent £500 on special dog food for the other pooches invited to the ceremony.