Doggy Detectives: Police want dog-walkers to help tackle crime this Christmas

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

A police chief in Manchester has called on dog-walkers to help catch criminals in the act this Christmas, by creating community dog patrols to help spot suspicious behaviour.

Events will be taking place in two of the city's parks on Thursday December 20th, where police officers and their dogs will be on hand to provide more information to local residents on how to get involved with the new scheme.

Sergeant John Cave of Altrincham police station says that pet dogs are "the perfect eyes and ears in the community", and should be utilised to help preent crime, particularly over the Christmas period when burglaries tend to increase considerably.

Elsewhere, Cheshire police station is calling on local residents to help them find the next generation of police dogs, asking the general public to donate suitable canines to the force.

Police work is a highly enjoyable occupation for dogs, who are well looked after by the force and never short of food, shelter or other essentials such as dog chew toys.