Dog training games can help 'reduce levels of obesity'

Monday, 10th January 2011

Activities such as dog training games can help reduce levels of obesity in animals, it has been claimed.

Recent research by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has revealed that around 40 per cent of household pets are overweight and half of those are considered obese.

Isabel Alvarez, writing for the Alexandra Times, expressed her belief that regular exercise can help keep an animal's weight down.

She said: "Get your pets moving. Dogs need walks regardless of how busy you are or how cold it is outside. The bigger the dog, the longer the walk she needs."

Ms Alvarez added that obesity can lead to a range of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, so it is vitally important to ensure pets enjoy sufficient exercise.

Furthermore, she urged pet owners to take responsibility for their pet's health as they are at fault for their condition.