Dog sharing a possible solution for people working during the day

Friday, 20th May 2011

While most pet owners will always make sure they are home in time to feed their canines with dog food, animals will often be left on their own for long periods during the day.

Too much isolation can be bad for any animal and one potential solution is for owners to 'share' their dogs with other family members.

For instance, if you are too busy for your pet at the weekends, it might make sense letting it stay with parents or siblings if they will have more time for it.

That is the suggestion of vet Pete Wedderburn, who wrote in the Telegraph that such arrangements can work well so long as the dog's needs are met and the animal is not left in isolating situations.

"As long as the dog isn’t left too long on his own, and he gets a good half-hour walk twice daily, he’s likely to be quite content with his lot," he wrote.

"Dog-sharing makes far more sense than leaving dogs in solitude for hours on end. It may even become a pet-trend for the 21st century."

According to the Kennel Club, responsible dog owners should also ensure that all medicines, cleaning products and dangerous chemicals are locked away, especially if an animal is by itself.

Similarly, chocolate, cocoa powder, raisins, grapes and macadamia nuts should not be fed to canines instead of dog food, as these are poisonous to dogs.