Dog food firm to debut TV ad pitched to canines

Monday, 13th February 2012

A TV advert promoting dog food pitched directly to canines is set to make its debut this evening.

The first ever British advert aimed at dogs will be broadcast on ITV during a break in the soap Emmerdale.

It contains noises of whistling, barking and bell ringing at a high frequency that dogs will be able to hear but their pet owners will not.

The dog food brand hopes that dogs will pay attention to the advert and prick up their ears, leading their owners to believe their pet is interested in the product itself.

Carolyn Menteith of The Kennel Club told the Telegraph: "Most dogs are most likely to react to the unfamiliar sound by pricking up their ears or tilting their head to pay attention, while some might wander up to the television set."

The minute-long advert is a spoof of the cult film The Italian Job, with a gang of dogs hijacking a van full of Bakers dog food.

Dogs' hearing ability depends on their age and breed but they tend to have a range of between 40Hz to 60,000HZ, which is a lot greater than humans.