Dog food dilemmas highlighted by blogger

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

One blogger has highlighted the importance of properly storing pet food in their blog, raising an often overlooked issue for owners.

Pet writer Andy Blackmore detailed the monstrous appetites of his three dogs in the post, one of which is a Staffie cross.

The need to feed sees Mr Blackmore making regular expeditions in search of cheap food options, whether to supermarkets to take advantage of deals on the brands his dogs prefer or to delis for cheap offal.

Of course, the way to skip such a hassle could be for owners to buy their dog food in bulk online, where they can benefit from huge variety and avoid the hassle of trawling for bargains.

The blogger adds that kibble can be a great supplement to tinned food. However, caution is required – the feed has been linked to the contraction of salmonella in humans, and as such should be stored safely to avoid such risks.

Mr Blackmore suggests trusted pet food containers provide a barrier between you and infection, and are also a great way to keep dry foods fresh and away from your hungry canines.