Dog food diet is 'best' for pets

Monday, 10th January 2011

Pet owners should only give their dogs food which is specifically designed for them and avoid giving them 'human' food, it has been claimed.

US-based vet Erin Troy expressed her belief that dogs are unable to handle a range of foods that humans regularly eat and so advised consumers to keep their animals on a pet food-only diet.

She told Walnut Creek Patch: "I am a firm believer that except in rare cases pets should eat pet food and people should eat people food, period. It makes life easier in the long run for so many reasons.

"I like to keep it simple and not tempt pets with people food unless there is a medical need for it. The safest food for your cat is the one made for her specific needs in mind."

Ms Troy added that pets' palettes can change as they develop a like or dislike for a particular food.