Dog foils drug smuggling attempt

Thursday, 2nd August 2012

A rescue English Springer Spaniel has proved himself to be a great detective after uncovering a drug smuggling attempt, finding a hidden cannabis stash worth 319,000 euros (£251,893).

Ralph, who was rescued by the Blue Cross a few months ago, was found living on the streets and needed plenty of dog food to get him back to health.

The charity contacted Wagtail UK Ltd and they took him on as a sniffer dog. Just two weeks into his new job with the Irish Revenue's Customs Service, Ralph discovered the 53kg drugs haul.

Ralph indicated there were drugs in a car when it was getting of the ferry. Following the find, a man was arrested and taken to the police station.

Ralph’s handler, Denny Lawlor, says: "When Ralph first made the indication we searched the car thoroughly but couldn’t find anything.

"But we trusted Ralph's judgment so we got the high-tech scanner and found the drugs hidden away in a secret compartment in the boot area."

He added that Ralph is a great partner, is very enthusiastic and is the first dog in Ireland to be trained as both a cash and drug detection dog.