Dog eats $1,000 in cash

Tuesday, 15th November 2011

An animal in the US mistook $1,000 (£622) in cash for its dog food and proceeded to eat all the money, last month.

However, owners Christy and Joe Lawrenson, from Florida, were in luck as four-year-old Labrador-Retriever, Tuity, threw most of the cash back up.

The money had been in an envelope and was intended for Ms Lawrenson's car payment. Mr Lawrenson came home to find shredded pieces of money on the floor and Tuity sitting close by.

He told the St Augustine Record: "I saw one $100 dollar bill almost ripped in half on the floor. I found like three or four pieces around the house. I thought somebody broke in originally."

"We just couldn't believe it. We were both just in shock," Ms Lawrenson added.

They induced vomiting and were able to reassemble the money from the dog’s stomach contents.

The couple noted that this is not the first time Tuity has eaten something unusual, with Mr Lawrenson saying he once saw her eating cigarettes.