Dog and owner 'super-slimmers'

Wednesday, 6th July 2011

By eating a healthy diet of dog food, a pooch has helped his owner loose weight, and as a result the pair have become pet slimming champions.

Alyson King and her Labrador Lucky lost a combined weight of seven stone after she entered her porky pooch into a pet fitness programme.

Over six months, Ms King lost five stone, while Lucky lost two stone and five inches of his waistline.

Ms King revealed that she decided to put her pooch on a diet after being told that his life was at risk because of his weight.

She told the Daily Mirror: "I used to hate taking Lucky for walks as much as he hated going as I thought people were staring. We now go for an hour and a half walk every day. It was great to have a dieting partner ... even if it was my dog.

"When I found out Lucky's life was at risk I had to act."

Ms King added that Lucky lost the weight by exercise and through only eating proper dog food.