Dog and owner both survive 200ft clifftop fall

Tuesday, 17th May 2011

One pet will soon be enjoying his dog food again despite suffering a serious fall.

The dog was being walked by his 53-year-old owner along a cliff top in North Yorkshire, before slipping over the age and falling over 200ft (60 metres). His owner then did exactly the same thing as he attempted to save his dog.

Yet miraculously, both survived the drop down Little Cliff, near Cloughton.

In fact, the man survived with only a broken leg and wrist, while the dog is currently in the care of the local vet.

Flight sergeant Rick Jones, pilot of the rescue helicopter, said: "We got a call from the coastguard about a gentleman who had apparently gone over the cliff looking for his dog.

"Where the gentleman fell is about 200ft high, so we were obviously fearing the worst. But when we arrived both he and his dog were showing signs of life."

He added that the man is now stable with doctors hoping he will make a good recovery, noting: "The other good news is the dog is alright."

The incident has been used to highlight the dangers of walking in such dangerous areas to pet owners, especially if they allow their dogs to walk without a lead.