Dog Terrier saves owner's life after car crash

Monday, 20th February 2012

A dog managed to save its owner's life following a car crash on a track on the island of Kerrera, near Oban.

Donald MacGregor suffered a punctured lung, a fractured vertebrae and a number of broken ribs after his car overturned, reports the

The 65-year-old was hurled from the car and was left alone in a dark field. Luckily, however, his faithful terrier Zulu was there to go for help.

Zulu ran half a mile back to Mr MacGregor’s daughter’s house. His daughter, Sheila, told the news provider: "His dog came to the door. I knew it was strange the dog just turning up like that, so straight away I thought something must have happened.

"I went out on the quad bike and heard my dad shouting."

Sheila then called the emergency services and he was eventually transported to a hospital on the mainland by the RAF.

Mr MacGregor is now recovering in a hospital in Glasgow but his family are awaiting tests after doctors found fluid on his lungs.