Detection pup sniffs out more than dog food

Monday, 7th March 2011

A pup from Burford will soon be sniffing out more than dog food as he is being trained to detect diabetes.

Tiny, a 13-month-old Jack Russell, was abandoned on the side of the road and vets did not expect him to survive, reports the Daily Mail.

However, he did and it soon transpired that he had a particular talent for smelling sugary snacks.

Staff at the Blue Cross animal charity realised that Tiny can detect sweet foods from up to 30 ft away.

Laura Jeffries, from the charity, told the news provider: "One time he was barking and no one knew why until they discovered a chocolate bar had been left in the office 30 ft away. He's got an incredible gift.

"He may be small but he could have a big impact on someone's life."

Tiny will now be trained by the Medical Detection Dogs to smell the difference in blood sugar levels of people suffering from diabetes.