Deaf pup learns sign language

Wednesday, 23rd March 2011

Dog food may be two of the words a deaf puppy learns in sign language after being adopted by a couple who also have impaired hearing.

Alice, a black and white Springer Spaniel, was abandoned by a breeder because of her disability.

She was rescued by animal charity The Blue Cross, where the couple and their three sons "fell in love" with her.

The deaf couple, Marie Williams and Mark Morgan, are now teaching their pup to learn sign language, including instructions for sit, come and roll over.

Ms Williams said: "The fact that she was deaf just made us fall in love with her even more.

"I feel so angry that someone abandoned her because … she was not 'perfect'. It goes to show with a little effort it is easy to cope with a deaf puppy - she has already learned the signs for several basic commands."

Julie Stone, manager of The Blue Cross animal adoption centre in Lewknor, added that Alice's story shows that with a little time and effort, a deaf dog can be trained and become a "wonderful pet".