Dalmatian BFFs reunited after three years

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011

Best friend Dalmatians Freckles and Tippy will now be eating their dog food at the same residence after spending three years apart.

The pair were first brought to the Dogs Trust in 2008 as part of a rescue operation involving 50 dogs seized from a hoarder.

While Freckles found a new home, Tippy had less success and had to undergo a rehabilitation programme at the centre.

The family that adopted Freckles got in touch to say they had room for one more and Tracey Rae, Dogs Trust rehoming centre manager, suggested Tippy.

Graham O'Neil, who has now rehomed Tippy, explained: "When they caught sight of each other over the fence they jumped up and wagged their tails.

"The minute they were let off lead in the field that was it - they ran off, barking and nudging one another. We felt like bystanders watching two friends catching up! Tippy has settled in really well now."