Dachshund becomes face of charity after serious operation

Thursday, 2nd August 2012

A Dachshund who needed a serious operation after being found to have 20 bladder stones had been made the face of a charity appeal.

Tegan's owner, Mrs Fisher, originally thought her pet's expanding waistline was due to too many treats, so she put her on a dog food diet.

However, she then noticed Tegan was struggling to pass water and was sluggish, so she took the dog to the PDSA, where her condition was discovered after an x-ray.

PDSA vet nurse, Andrea Northall said: "Bladder stones are fairly common, but it’s unusual to see quite so many, and some were very large indeed.

"There was no way Tegan could pass these, and if we hadn’t operated then this could have led to some very serious complications, as well being very painful for her."

Bladder stones are common in animals, especially domestic animals such as cats and dogs. If left untreated they can prove fatal.

Mrs Fisher said she was shocked at how many stones were found, with some being as big as pebbles.

However, Tegan is now back to her normal self and has so much energy "she's like a puppy again".

The charity will now use Tegan's picture for its appeal to raise £6 million to build three new animal hospitals.