Couple banned from owning pets after throwing dog into sea

Friday, 2nd December 2011

A couple will no longer need to add dog food to their shopping list after being pictured hurling the small animal into the sea.

Linda Jones and John Nesbitt have been banned from owning animals for ten years and given suspended prison sentences.

Mrs Jones was pictured by a passerby throwing their four-year-old Terrier Jess into the shallow sea in Devon repeatedly. They were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the animal.

Although the animal was unharmed, a vet told the court that her legs, spine and jaw could have been injured in the ordeal.

Following the case, Mrs Jones was unapologetic for her actions. The Daily Mail quotes her as saying: "I am so angry. All my dogs go into the sea. The water was clear, it was not dangerous. It was a lovely hot day in April. I would gladly do it again.

"Whoosh, she goes to the bottom and up she comes."

The couple have been given a month to rehome their pet cat.