Corrie star plumps for dog food for homeless man's pet

Wednesday, 18th April 2012

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan racked up some positive karma points this week, giving a homeless man some money to buy dog food for his pet.

The soap star was enjoying a night out in Manchester with fellow cast member Brooke Vincent, when she came across the pair and took an immediate liking to the man's furry friend.

According to the Sun, Michelle was so enamoured with the animal, that she was more than happy to give its owner some money to buy pet food.

The television actress is a well-known animal lover and has often tweeted about her own canine companion Phoebe, as well as Manchester-based charities such as Dogs' Homes.

Earlier this year, she complained about how her dog takes so much longer going to the toilet when it's cold, due to her insistence on sniffing "every blade of grass".

That's something most pet-owners will be able to attest to.