'Consider an animal's age' when purchasing dog food

Tuesday, 25th January 2011

Pet owners should consider their animal's age before purchasing dog food, it has been claimed.

Ashley Wilbourn, writing for the Riverhead Patch, expressed his belief that many consumers treat all animals the same, when they each have different needs.

He told the news provider: "Understand that age plays a big part in what you are feeding your pet. If you have a puppy, your pet should only eat food geared toward puppies. Puppies are growing and developing, so they must eat food developed to help their bodies do just that.

"The same goes for senior dogs. Seniors are more likely to have hip and joint problems, dental health issues as well as diseases such as cancer and arthritis. Feeding your senior pet the right food can help prevent some of these problems."

Mr Wilbourn added that pet owners should also take into account any allergies or any food intolerances an animal may have when considering a dog's diet.