Choosing the right dog food for your pet

Friday, 13th April 2012

With so much variance between different types of dogs in terms of size, behaviour and activity levels, it can be tough deciding on what exactly is the perfect pet food for your pooch.

And writing for the Telegraph, animal expert Pete Wedderburn said there is now simple answer to this question, "just as there is no one diet that's best for all humans".

He explained that just like their human owners, dogs will have individual metabolisms and likes or dislikes.

Perhaps the biggest decision is whether you want to go with dried or moist food. He added that both can be "excellent" and that any pet food recommended by vets is sure to be good for your animal.

"Feed the best quality food you can afford," he said. "More expensive food is less likely to contain rubbishy byproducts."

The veterinary journalist added that there are visible signs that your pet is on a healthy pet food regime: "A glossy, shiny coat, bright beady eyes and a spring in the step all suggest that a dog is enjoying the best possible nutrition."