Chocolate 'poses danger to dogs'

Monday, 18th April 2011

Owners should be aware that feeding their pooch grub other than dog food can be dangerous.

A vet from Hull East Yorkshire has warned owners that chocolate is very dangerous for dogs to eat, reports

Paul Atkinson, director of the Kingston Veterinary Group, told the news provider: "Some dog owners have never heard how poisonous chocolate is and they feed it to their dog as a treat.

"Chocolate contains theobromine, a poison that affects the central nervous system and the heart of a dog … In two of our cases, the dogs almost died before recovering, so it's vital owners act quickly."

He added that the cases of dogs eating chocolate increase around Easter and Christmas, so owners should be extra vigilant around these times.

Margaret Thompson, who works as head receptionist at Kingston Veterinary Group, has a dog named Teal who has a habit of eating food she is not supposed to.

Ms Thompson revealed that Teal has had to have treatment on two separate occasions, after eating a bag of slug pellets and two boxes of Thornton's Continentals.