Charity reissues warning over leaving dogs in hot cars

Thursday, 23rd August 2012

The RSPCA has reissued its warning about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars following the deaths of three Labradors in Wales.

According to the charity, many people still think it is enough to leave a window open or a bowl of water out for their pet.

However, this will not protect animals from heatstroke and even leaving an animal out in a hot garden can be very dangerous.

David Bowles, RSPCA director of communications, explained that most people understand the message about not leaving dogs in hot cars, but that this is not enough.

He said: "I think they just don't think anything bad will happen to their pets, particularly if they're just leaving them for a few minutes.

"What people need to realise is that the next animal to die in a hot car, conservatory or outbuilding could be their pet."

The charity noted that the temperature inside a car can reach 47 degrees in an hour when it is just 22 degrees outside.

Dogs that are more prone to heatstroke are ones that are old, young, long haired, overweight, heavily muscled or short nosed.