Charity looking to rehome 'I'm a celebridog' resident

Tuesday, 8th November 2011

Although he may not be swapping his regular dog food for kangaroo penis, witchetty grub and roasted spider, one resident at Dogs Trust Shoreham is barking 'I'm a celebridog, Get me out of here'.

Ten-month-old Tye had to be given up by his owners because of a change of circumstance and he has been suffering with separation anxiety.

In a bid to get him rehomed, the centre has decorated his kennel like a jungle in the hope that more prospective owners will taken notice of him.

Tracey Rae, Dogs Trust rehoming centre manager, said: "As he's a youngster and very responsive to training we feel confident that in the right home Tye will make a fantastic pet.

"We have never before had to go to such lengths to care for one of our dogs, but we know he is worth it and just hope that someone sees what a wonderful dog he is."

She added that the I'm a Celebrity theme was fitting for Tye as, like the show, he is having to take on new challenges every day and wants to get back home.