Charity looking for dog lovers to provide 'bed and breakfast'

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

A charity is looking for people to walk and feed a pooch dog food at evenings and weekends.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a Saunderton-based charity, is looking for volunteers to become Bed and Breakfast Socialisers, reports the Bucks Free Press.

This would mean taking the dog in at evenings and weekends, providing exercise and dog food, then dropping them back to be trained during the day.

Volunteer Eunice Wennberg explained that the length of time that you look after a dog varies from one night to six months.

During the day, the dogs are at training centres where they learn to become the 'ears' of people who are deaf.

She told the news provider: "They are just pets who come to school each day.

"You get to have a dog without the huge commitment of having a dog.

"It is not your dog. There are no expenses. It is great for people with children right through to retired couples."

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was established in 1979.