Charity comments on dangerous dogs documentary

Thursday, 26th January 2012

A number of people with dogs accross the UK may have watched a BBC documentary called Death Row Dogs.

The programme, which was aired on Tuesday (January 24th), exposed how the current Dangerous Dogs Act is failing and leading to many friendly, sociable and unaggressive dogs being destroyed.

Steve Goody, director of external affairs at The Blue Cross, said: "Viewers will have been shocked to see moving scenes of a friendly and sociable dog being put to sleep because he was a banned breed with an unsuitable owner and the law forbids him from finding a loving new home.

"This is a major flaw in the act ... the sad reality is that it happens all the time."

He added that any dog can be a safe and loving pet with the right owner and that “dangerous dogs” are created by the actions of their irresponsible owners.

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced was introduced in 1991 after a series of injuries and deaths caused by aggressive dogs that were not under control.