Charity appeals for missing Lurcher

Wednesday, 14th September 2011

A charity is appealing for people to help it find a lost dog, who may well be in need of dog food.

Dogs Trust Kenilworth is asking for any information about Molly, a white and brown Lurcher who had recently been adopted from the centre.

Molly escaped her owners grasp and was last seen running alongside the A45.

James Ackner, assistant manager at the centre, said: "She is a sweet but nervous girl who is likely to be confused and unfamiliar with her surroundings and is unlikely to come if called.

"We'd be grateful if everyone could keep an eye out for her and ask anyone who sees her to call us before approaching her in case this startles her."

He added that anyone who sees Molly, who is wearing her Dogs Trust collar and lead, should call 01926 484 398.

Dogs Trust recently revealed that the number of stray and abandoned dog is currently at an 11-year high.