Carbohydrates play key role in dogs' diet

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

Carbohydrates play a key role in dogs' diet, according to an expert.

Recently, a number of pet food manufacturers have started to eliminate carbohydrates from their products in an effort to reduce obesity levels in dogs.

Nutritionist David Southey expressed his belief that this is not an ideal solution as dogs need carbohydrates as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

He told "Complete diets for dogs should contain a balance of meat, fruit, vegetables and rice or potato for optimum nutrition.

"If you take carbohydrates away you change the balance and compromise the long-term nutrition of your pet."

Experts claim carbohydrates are necessary for dogs as they provide a good source of energy and can satisfy an animals' appetite.

Some dog food products contain potatoes and rice which are an ideal source of carbohydrates for dogs as they are easy to digest and of a consistently high quality.