Brits opting for 'ugly' breeds

Tuesday, 3rd January 2012

An increasing number of Brits are buying dog food for less attractive breeds, statistics from the Kennel Club show.

Dog breeds that are not traditionally considered cute or pretty, such as the Mexican Hairless and Chinese Crested breed have become more popular with British owners over the past ten years, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Paul Keevil, who runs the group British Heritage Dog Breeds, told the news provider: "There is certainly a growing appeal for these breeds, who seem to be, shall we say, a less attractive bunch.

"It is a desire for the bizarre. People want something that looks a bit usual, a bit striking. The dog is to make some kind of fashion or lifestyle statement."

Other breeds considered less attractive that have increased in popularity are the Griffon Bruxelloise, the Japanese Chin and the Pug.

Statistics also show that traditional breeds have decreased in popularity, with Yorkshire Terriers, German Shepherd and West Highland Terrier numbers all going down since 2001.