Britons once again reminded a dog is not just for Xmas

Friday, 14th December 2012

Britons have once again been reminded that a dog is not just for Christmas in the wake of a new report which revealed that pet owners are abandoning their animals for increasingly bizarre reasons.

The Dog's Trust revealed that consumers are ditching their pets if they do not match their sofa or even simply as they smell of dog, reports the Coventry Telegraph.

This year marks the 34th anniversary of the trust's slogan A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas but the message is still not getting through to some people who clearly do not give proper thought to the responsibilities of dog ownership.

John Cullen, assistant manager of operations at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, told the news provider: "Thankfully, at this time we do not have any in the centre that have been given up for some of the more bizarre reasons, but the requests for us to take dogs in are unrelenting and this is the same regardless of the season.

"Historically, we have seen cases where dogs have been bought for Christmas presents and subsequently been brought to us for re-homing."

On average, a dog lives for 13 years so those considering adopting one should ensure that they are aware of the need to buy adequate amounts of pet food and dog medicine.