British dogs benefiting from post-Olympic 'breed boom'

Friday, 25th January 2013

2012 was a bumper year for British culture, with the Jubilee and the success of Team GB at the Olympic Games helping to bring all things British back into fashion.

And the popularity of the UK's products doesn't appear to be limited to fashion designers or musicians, after it emerged that a number of British dog breeds previously listed as endangered made a storming comeback over the last 12 months.

The English Setter had been in danger of disappearing completely after the number of registrations dropped to just 234 in 2011.

However, new figures released by the Kennel Club have indicated a revival in the breed's numbers, with 314 registrations last year.

Registrations of English Toy Terriers also jumped by 25 per cent in 2012, while the number of Sussex Spaniels went up by 29 per cent.

Fashion trends clearly have a strong effect on the popularity of certain dog breeds, although prospective owners are advised to carefully consider the nature, temperament and needs of each dog breed before deciding on a new pet