Blind dog leads blind dog

Friday, 11th March 2011

A guide dog has been helping lead another pooch to his dog food after developing cataracts.

Graham Waspe, from Stowmarket, Suffolk, was given guide dog Edward six years ago to help him as he is registered as blind.

However, Edward then developed cataracts and had to have his eyes removed, leaving Mr Waspe and his wife, Sandra, "devastated", she told the Daily Mail.

But luckily, the family then received a new addition in the form of two-year-old guide dog Opal.

During his time with Mr Waspe, Edward became quite popular with the locals, having become well known with schools and community groups of Suffolk.

Ms Waspe said: "He is still very popular - just as much, if not more than before.

"People ask lots of questions about how he copes and he is probably more famous now because even more people stop to talk to him."

Opal arrived last November and she now helps both Mr Waspe and Edward get around and the two Labradors get along well.