Beer for dogs on pub menu

Tuesday, 10th January 2012

A pub in Newcastle has begun serving up beer that has been specially brewed for dogs so pets can enjoy a drink with their owners.

The beer, served at the Brandling Villa in South Gosforth, can also be enjoyed with special dog food that the pub puts on - Sunday roast covered in cat-flavoured gravy.

The beverage is made from the traditional beer ingredient of malt, but also includes meat extract. It is brewed in Arizona in the US and is not alcoholic.

Pub manager Dave Carr told the Daily Mail: "There aren't many pubs you can go to with your dog.

"The dogs were drinking water and eating biscuits, so we also created a dog menu, designed for dogs but based on traditional English dishes.

"Dog friendly is really the way it should be. Pubs should have wooden floors and dogs in front of the fire."

He added that customers think the beer is a normal human drink with a silly name and often ask what it is.