Battling pug becomes symbol of hope in Australian bushfires

Monday, 14th January 2013

Rescued from the ashes of a burning house, a pug named Charlie has become a symbol of hope for millions of Australians after beating the odds and surviving a devastating bushfire.

The five-year-old was pulled from the wreckage in Dunalley, south-west Tasmania, and taken to a nearby animal rescue centre where vets had to perform life-saving surgery, reports the Daily Mail.

Dr Gareth Stephenson, who treated Charlie, says he now expects the dog to make a full recovery, leaving everyone at the Tasmania Animal Hospital stunned.

Charlie's owners are reported to have broken down in tears when they found the pug alive and well at the animal hospital, having previously expected the worst.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Dog's Trust is searching for responsible owners to adopt the record number of homeless canines currently in its care.

The charity has seen a huge surge in abandoned dogs in the past month, citing economic hardship as one of the main reasons for this.