Basset Hounds an ‘extremely loyal breed’

Friday, 30th March 2012

People thinking about getting a dog may want to consider a Basset Hound, as the breed is very loyal and known for its good temperament.

That is according to Ryan O’Meara, from K9 Magazine, who was discussing the breed and its qualities.

He said: "Basset hounds are very friendly dogs with very good temperaments who adapt to most homes, whether couples or homes with children.

"An extremely loyal breed, they typically bond quickly with their new owners. They are known to have a sleepy personality, but don't let this fool you - they thrive on walks."

The Basset Hound is thought to have been bred by monks in France during the Middle Ages to hunt in heavy cover.

The Kennel Club, a Basset Hound needs grooming once per week and requires a small to medium-sized garden.

Many cartoon dogs are based on the breed, including Tex Avery’s Droopy, Lafayette in The Aristocats and the Aristocats 2, and Toby in The Great Mouse Detective.