Army hound swaps dog tag for collar

Wednesday, 13th February 2013

Sniffer dogs play in incredibly important role in the armed forces, assisting bomb squads in detecting unexploded devices in order to de-activate them and save countless lives on a daily basis.

For many, life after retirement can be bleak, with no home to go to as most people prefer to adopt puppies.

However, one of the army's top dogs - Jake the springer spaniel - has been adopted by former soldier Andy Hawkett after the two formed a strong emotional bond while on tour together in Afghanistan.

Speaking to the Express, Mr Hawkett has described how Jake helped him through a particularly difficult time when his team was caught cold by a bomb, and had to spend more than a year trying to adopt the dog following his retirement.

Happily, Jake and Mr Hawkett are now re-united and living happily together at their home in Kent, although the pair's walkies may not be quite as exciting as they used to be.