Actress gets new pup after tragic loss

Tuesday, 12th April 2011

Actress Amanda Bynes revealed that she will continue to buy dog food and luxury dog beds for a four-legged friend after the tragic death of her four-month-old pup.

The Hairspray starlet revealed on her Twitter account that her puppy, a Teacup Pomeranian named Angel, got out of her house and was lost.

She tweeted: "If anyone finds her I BEG you to please contact me thru twitter, I will give a reward. She means the WORLD to me & I can't find her anywhere."

However, Bynes later revealed that Angel had passed away. To cope with her loss, the actress got a new Pomeranian, which she named Tiara.

A number of fans responded to the news by saying Byrnes had acted to(o) quickly in replacing her puppy, but she responded to these accusations, saying that Tiara is helping her get through this difficult time.

She tweeted: "For those asking if it's too soon for me to get a new puppy, it isn't too soon. Tiara's helping me cope with the loss of Little Angel."