53 Hours: Family dog stars in real life movie remake

Friday, 4th January 2013

We've all seen the movie 127 Hours about the guy who spent days trapped in a rock crevice, but a golden labrador named Zak has now recreated the famous film in real life after spending 53 hours stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Fortunately for Zak and his owner Andrew Eastell, the beloved family pet was rescued without having to resort to cutting his paw off after going missing on New Year's Day.

It is thought the 18-month-old chased a squirrel into the crevice before becoming stuck, and was saved by a social media campaign which went viral.

Former Leeds Rhinos rugby league star Keith Senior tweeted a message about Zak to his 21,000 Twitter followers after being made aware of his situation, and before long the entire local community had joined the search party.

After being reunited with Zak on Thursday evening (January 3rd), Mr Eastell said "I'm so enthralled to have him back – I'm ready for a beer", according to the Bradford Telegraph, although we're sure Zak is more than ready for a generous portion of delicious dog food.