42,000 pounds of pet food donated to displaced Sandy pets

Monday, 19th November 2012

A huge 42,000 pounds of pet food is to be delivered to pet owners and shelters looking after the pets displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

The pet food delivery, weighing roughly the same as a fire truck, is making its way from Houston, Texas, to a warehouse in Pennsville in New Jersey where it will then be distributed to stranded pets in devastated areas.

Rescue Bank is the group behind the huge charitable effort and operates out of 30 distribution centres around the country. American Kennel Club is also looking to drive the effort, highlighting the enormous pressure placed on rescue centres following a natural disaster such as this.

John Kane, one of the directors of Rescue Bank, told nj.com: "Whenever there is a tornado or a hurricane somewhere, we put our normal mission to the side and help to supply shelters that are unable to find or keep pet food in stock.

"We had a load go out to Atlantic City last week, and we’ve had trucks going into New York as well."