Youths throw cat at moving car

Thursday, 1st November 2012

In a horrendous act of cruelty, a group of young people in Essex threw a cat at a car driving at 40mph down a dual carriageway in Essex.

A 53-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was travelling on the A131 near Great Leighs when six youths wearing hoodies threw a concrete slab followed by a striped cat onto her bonnet.

"They must be sick to throw a cat at a moving car and risk injuring or killing someone”, said the victim.

The motorist believed she had killed the animal, but to her surprise it “slithered like a snake” off the road. The woman believes it must have been killed by the incident, and escaped the scene to find somewhere to die.

Her car cost £1,500 to repair, and the victim also took two weeks of work as a result of the shock the incident caused.

Braintree police are now in the process of tracing the culprits, who were standing at the Great Leighs Racecourse roundabout at the time of the attack. One was wearing a bright red Nike hoodie. Police are also tracing the owner of the cat. Anyone with information is urged to contact Braintree Police on 101.