Vet offers advice over obese judgement

Monday, 20th June 2011

An owner who may have to reduce her kitty's cat food intake after a vet judged it obese has asked if she can get a second opinion.

The owner, from Birmingham, wrote to Dr Pete Wedderburn who writes a pet column for the Daily Telegraph, about her 'overweight' cat.

Believing the vet to be wrong, the owner asked how she can get a "more sympathetic" opinion from another vet.

Dr Wedderburn advised the owner to visit the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website to find a local practice or ask a friend for a recommendation. However, he also noted that the vet may not be wrong in their opinion.

He wrote: "I'm afraid that you need to prepare yourself for the fact that the next vet is likely to agree with the first opinion.

"Vets are trained in identifying obesity, using objective ways of assessing a pet's body condition. Owners are often in denial when their pet is carrying too much weight."

Dr Wedderburn added that obesity in pets is a common cause of medical problems, which become more prevalent as the animal gets older.