US rocker gives cat food to 140 felines

Friday, 13th May 2011

A rock musician in the US has revealed he gives cat food to 140 feral felines.

Donald Tardy, drummer for death metal band Obituary, spends around $20,000 (£12,200) a year on cat food, reports Tampa Bay Online.

The musician said: "To think a cat could be out there hungry, suffering, it eats you up inside. I can't live with my mind at peace knowing that.

With the amount of food I go through, I have to find ways to get it cheap. I buy in bulk, or if the packaging is damaged, I can usually get it at a discount."

Tardy even goes so far as to provide the cats with pet medication and vet care if they need it.

The drummer has been feeding the cats for around six years. He and his girlfriend also work to get homes for any kittens they find and have as many cast as they can neutered so as to stop the growing feral cat population.

Tardy plays in rock band Obituary. The band currently has eight studio albums and they are due to release another this year.