Two-legged cat amazes vets

Monday, 11th February 2013

A perfectly poised Persian cat has astounded vets and its owner alike after showing off its ability to walk and run - despite the loss of two legs.

Caffrey's owners feared the worst after a car accident saw the cat lose both of its left-sided limbs.

And initially vets even questioned the quality of life the cat would enjoy, suggesting to owner Sue Greaves that it may be best to put the family's feline friend to sleep.

But Ms Greeves and neighbour Ashleigh Tyler were keen to keep the much-loved animal and resisted the suggestions to have her put down.

Now, as the Daily Record reports, Caffrey has enjoyed a remarkable recovery, which has surprised everyone involved.

The super feline can both run and walk, despite the loss of the additional limbs.

With just two legs, he is likely to be burning off plenty of calories in the process too - maybe it’s time to switch to some different cat food?