Tough love is the ideal recipe for fat cats

Friday, 7th December 2012

Animal owners across the country have been urged not to treat their cats, especially over the Christmas period when there is a greater tendency to spoil ourselves and our pets.

While some may think it cruel to exclude their animal friends from the festive indulgence, cat manager at the Best Friends Animal Society, Sarah Warfle, insists that "treats don't equate to love", and that you could in fact be doing your pet a huge disservice by allowing them to overeat.

Your cat's daily calorie intake should be based on their ideal body weight – which can be determined by consulting your vet – and only the healthiest brands such as Purina cat food and Royal Canin cat food should be used to feed your pet.

Ms Warfle has also come up with a formula for how many calories a cat should be consuming each day, which can be calculated by multiplying its ideal body weight in kilograms by 30, and then adding 70.