Top tips on how to stop your cat from climbing everywhere

Thursday, 11th April 2013

It can be a frustrating task for owners trying to stop their cat from exploring every inch of the home and leaving havoc in its wake.

Writing for Pet Pointers on YNN (Your News Now) Lisa Chelenza gives her top tips on how owners can modify their moggy's behaviour so that they don't end up ruining those precious kitchen cabinets.

The animal expert explained that cats are naturally drawn to high places, so it's a good idea to provide some alternative spots such as shelving on the walls or a cat tree.

To boost the chances of success it's worth using tactics such as feeding your animal companion its cat food in that location.

Another interesting ploy Lisa suggested is to use double sided tape in a star of "X" pattern on tabletops and counters.

Cats don't like it when the tape sticks to their fur and paws and will most likely move away. In time they will learn that the area is one to stay clear of.

Be persistent because changes don't happen overnight, Lisa added.