The expense of proper feeding must be realistic for new pet owners

Thursday, 4th October 2012

Those considering welcoming a new pet into their home must be certain they can afford the diet their animal requires, according to Burns Pet Nutrition.

Fiona Campbell, head nutritionist at Burns Pet Nutrition, reminded would-be owners that the amount of dog food a canine needs can vary depending on breed.

"Obviously, a large breed of dog is going to eat a lot more than a smaller dog, and the same with a cat," she said.

However, she suggested that on the whole  "cats are relatively inexpensive to feed", which may be something adopters or buyers will want to take into consideration.

"If you are going to get a dog, what breed of dog fits into your lifestyle?

"If you are not able to walk as far, maybe consider an older animal. There are lots of older pets in rescue centres," Ms Campbell continued, adding that certain breeds such as greyhounds don't need as much exercise.