Territorial cat scares off burglar

Thursday, 29th December 2011

Everyone has heard of guard dogs, but one family from West Sussex were lucky to have a guard cat, who scared off a burglar that had entered their home.

Leo, a three-year-old Bengal cat, has been spoiled with cat food treats since interrupting the attempted robbery, reportsthisissussex.co.uk.

The burglar opened the door to the room that Leo sleeps in to be welcomed by loud screeches and meows, waking his owners John and Sue Higgins.

Mr Higgins said: "He's a lovely cat but he gets amazingly aggressive when another cat comes into his garden so he's obviously quite territorial.

"When the burglar opened the door to his room he must have just thought 'I'm not having this' and let loose."

They checked on the cat and everything was fine. The couple realised they had been broken into the next morning, when they saw the lock on one of the windows was broken and there were footprints on the windowsill. 

The burglar left the property empty-handed and Sussex Police said their enquiries are ongoing.