Take care please with anti-freeze, vet warns

Tuesday, 6th November 2012

A leading vet has urged cat owners to be wary of the potentially lethal effects of anti-freeze on their beloved moggies.

The warning follows a spate of incidents in which cats have been brought to their local vets after ingesting the substance, which is kept in cars and designed to breakdown any ice that may have formed on the windscreen.

In these instances, inquisitive cats have been known to consume the substance, which can appear sweet and attractive to our animal friends.

Caroline Bower, a vet based in Plymouth, who witnessed this notable influx in cases of felines ingesting the substance, has now asked pet owners to take care.

"We are urging pet owners to be vigilant, because the chances of survival are directly proportionate to the speed of treatment," she told the Plymouth Herald.

She called on owners to be watchful of neurological symptoms like twitching, seizures and convulsions as well as vomiting and general weakness.