Tabby cats are more festive than you think

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

When we think of Christmas, the first animal that springs to mind is usually a reindeer, but what you may not know is that cats also have a special connection with the festive season.

One of the many myths surrounding tabby cat markings states that the characteristic 'M' shape on their forehead actually originates from biblical times, when the Virgin Mary kissed a cat in gratitude for helping calm down the crying Baby Jesus, marking it and all future tabbies with her initial.

Unfortunately, not all cats will be receiving that amount of love this Christmas, with Battersea Dog and Cat Home reporting an alarmingly high number of felines in their care.

The centre has a capacity for 150 cats, but says it currently has 220 in its pens, and is unable to take any more.

However, despite the crisis the centre still insists that only people with the resources to provide proper care should come forward to adopt a pet this Christmas.

Owners often underestimate the commitment that looking after a cat requires, and need to make sure they can afford sufficient amounts of pet food and other items to help keep their animal fit and healthy, such as cat scratch posts.